It needs to stop. 

For just a second, I want all of you to take what I’m about to say seriously. You are minding your business by roaming in your home, when, all of a sudden, you’re trapped by a net. You’re brought up, where you’re deathly terrified, and your arms and legs are cut off just so a “supreme” race can make some sort of “delicacy” soup out of your limbs. While you’re struggling to get free, you are thrown back into your home, left to suffer and die alone.

This is what sharks go through everyday because of shark finning. It needs to be stopped. Nothing deserves this, yet we make every living thing that isn’t human suffer in this way, or worse.

UGH I HATE THIS IT’S SO SAD. the things humans do to animals is absolutely pitiful and disgusting.

GOD DAMNIT THIS SHIT FUCKING AGGRAVATES ME, i can’t even tell you how much.

Watched a documentary about this and how the Chinese fishing boats cut the fins of of sharks while they are still alive and toss them off their boats where they will sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown.

(via bythereins)